Welcome to our journey into the Wedding wonderland!

For the precise timing and activities please consult card “Activities” in the invitation. For a general idea of what to expect during our wedding see Customs and traditions.

It is both a Belgian and Latvian tradition to hold a party with friends the night before the wedding. In Belgium, one of the traditions is to burn an old pair of the groom’s trousers. In Latvia, the tradition is more to prepare for the wedding day by giving the final touch to the wedding attire, house decoration etc.
In case of Liga and Raf, it will be a time together with friends and family. It will be a get-to-know each other activity before the big adventure starts.
Our pre-party will take place at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia on 26 August 2016. This will start with a visit to the museum at 17:00 followed by a dinner at Priedeskrogs at 18:30.
Please see the RSVP form and let us know whether you will participate in the pre-party.

What to wear?
We expect our guests to be dancing and having fun so we want you to feel comfortable (there is no dress code, but Latvians do have a tendency to dress up ;-) )
If you prefer to sleep in pyjamas, don’t forget to take them along (unless you think to stay up all night)
If you prefer to follow a colour code then think about “journey” (during ours we mostly encounter green, blue and sun)

What to bring?
Having you in our wedding is the greatest gift! We truly mean it! If anyhow you wish to present a gift, we as for a book for our journey in the Wonderland of marriage. If you really want, you could bring a small ciemakukulis in a shape of cheese (see Customs and traditions).
If you decide to bring cheese and you arrive few days before the wedding without access to a fridge, please give it to Līga.
If you bring cheese directly on the wedding day, you can give it to Laura, our wedding organiser.

What else?
Our wedding is only once, be happy, have fun and take it easy! We want this to be an adventure and our shared memory to share with future generations.
For a better keepsake we encourage you take as many photos as you want and as many videos you want. Only two conditions apply: please respect our photographer and give her a priority and try to limit sharing on Facebook as some of the guests do not support their policy.
You may want to install on your Android smart-phone the app “Canon PRINT/Selphy” as via that app or via Apple Airplay (or the Canon app) you will be able to print some of the photos taken during the day and place them in our guestbook.

How to find the church or the guest house if you get lost or do not follow the group?

The guest house

Guesthouse Vāgneris