About us (Raf & Līga's story)

Forêt de Soignes Our first date was in a beautiful forest near Brussels (Forêt de Soignes) on a sunny November day in 2013. We both love long walks and exploring new paths and areas. It took us few month of dating to understand that we want to be together and from then things went quickly. We started to travel together and sort of live together but in two houses. One autumn evening we had an innocent chat about having a cat and few weeks later we already looked into ads and went to see Marvin. Once we got Marvin our life between two houses became difficult as he did not support any mode of travel.

Finland sky In December 2015 we went for a trip to Finland to see the Northern lights (aurora borealis) and to do some winter activities (driving a snow-mobiles, riding in a husky sledge, walking with snow shoes on and sliding down the hills). It turned out that the best winter activity is to hide from a snow blizzard in a holiday cottage and to get engaged. It was a sweet moment, definitely highlight of our trip and now we are happy to share our story with you and to have you present for the start of our biggest journey.