About them (Marvin's story)

Meow! When I was born, I first had to learn Russian as my mother and grandmother lived in the cat wellness center run by a Russian lady Anastasia and her daughters. Those were happy days together with my brothers and sisters, but they quickly went off to their new homes and I was meant to join some couple.

I have no clear memory about the couple that came to pick me up, but I knew they are not the right ones, so I tried my best to make the young woman allergic. It worked! Few days later Raf and Liga came to see me and I decided to give them a chance. They provide OK service, but if I had known they go walking and travelling… I hate all that stuff.

Meow meow! First, I had to let them (and everyone else…be it in the metro, bus or taxi) know that I do not tolerate travelling. It worked! They moved in together and I could finally focus on training them in proper cat-sitting. A few times a year they arrange somebody coming to visit me or they bring me to this “cat castle” in Leuven. I must say the nice couple in the “cat castle” did not need any training, they allow me walking everywhere and doing anything (well, I still have to figure out how to check the garden of that castle).

Now Raf and Liga are talking about marriage and long journey…I am not sure if I should tolerate it, I need some cat advice here.